Shast (Character)
English Name Shast
Japanese Name Shusuto (シュスト)
Voice Actor Nobuyuki Hiyama
Gender Male
Age (215) 23
Relationships Gush (Rival)
Country Caerleon
Original Castle Hervery
Class Grappler
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 601
MP 113
Rune Power 172
Rune Area 4
Strength 78
Intelligence 51
Agility 81
Attack 231
Defense 122
Experience 5905
Next Level 981
"An enthusiastic Knight of Caerleon, he considers justice to be the key to everything and he is willing to fight anyone who opposes. He always gets into an argument with Dinadan, however, their teamwork on the battlefield is unique."

Shast is a Rune Knight from Caerleon.


When a country captures Caerleon's last castle, Shast will join another country at random.

Shast has friendly rivalries with Dinadan and Gush.


Shast has greenish eyes and sandy blond hair.