Sophia (Character)
English Name Sophia
Japanese Name Sofia (ソフィア)
Voice Actor Michiko Neya
Gender Female
Age (215) 18
Relationships Filo (Friend)
Country Leonia
Original Castle Whislind
Class Cleric
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 7
HP 398
MP 281
Rune Power 171
Rune Area 4
Strength 61
Intelligence 70
Agility 62
Attack 182
Defense 105
Experience 2641
Next Level 649
"A very intelligent female officer of Leonia. She often makes little mistakes for being talkative. She had visited the Wiseman Solon with her friend Filo to increase their intelligence. Her bravery and logical way of thinking deserves everyone's applause."

Sophia is a Rune Knight from Leonia.


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Sophia has green eyes and purple hair that she wears in two ponytails.