Ulster (Character)
English Name Ulster
Japanese Name Arusutā (アルスタ-)
Voice Actor Yūji Kishi
Gender Male
Age (215) 32
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Caelsent
Class Bishop
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 12
HP 483
MP 254
Rune Power 228
Rune Area 4
Strength 65
Intelligence 72
Agility 66
Attack 195
Defense 112
Experience 7946
Next Level 0
"A very smart man of good sense who is somewhat oppressed by the people. Despite his numerous suggestions for the future of Iscalio, none of them have been adopted by the King. Life continues for this unfortunate man."

Ulster is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


Ulster is a smart and caring man who is one of Iscalio's top generals. Compared to the other Knights from Iscalio, he is very down to earth, and is often bullied by them because of this. He is the one who does the accounting for Iscalio's funds.


Ulster has a wide jaw, light green eyes, and dark blue hair, most of which is covered by his cap.

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