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"She is the descendant of the legendary pirate Captain Hammett. The war has stirred up the wild pirate blood of the people of Mirelva, and Stella decides to set off to conquer the Runersia with the Brigandine of Ego. Decisive and spontaneous, she decides it would be best to strike before anyone else has a chance. Her actions are straightforward and direct."

An allied nation of seven small islands south of the continent and the pirate scions living there. The chairperson of the alliance is selected from among island leaders and dons the Brigandine of Ego. The war on the mainland stirs up Stella’s wild pirate blood and she decides to take over the continent as the alliance’s captain.

Initial Status

  • 7 Castles
  • 14 Knights
  • 39 Monsters
  • 727 Mana

Starting Knights

Stella and the Knights of the United Islands of Mirelva.

Rune Knight Class Level
Stella Hamett (Ruler) Captain 15
Pluto Sorcerer 15
Adieu Berserker 18
Ginny Viking 22
Umimaru Automaton 15
Yuki * Swordsman 12
Lucia Temple Knight 10
Ratka Hunter 5
Sophie Enchantress 1
Lorenzo Bishop 12
Tommy Ranger 10
Robilio Barbarian 8
Sherad Thief 8
Gallivard Berserker 12
Viggo Monk 8

* joins in 781 8/24.


Castle Mana
Saint Gladia (Capital) 574
Balutza 348
Portside 221
Glan 228
Minz 228
Milveen 204
Ilvanny 328

Country's Strategy


Starts with 7 total bases, 3 of which are front line bases Mirelva’s battlefields mainly consist of sea terrain.

Enemies must invade one island at a time, making it easier to regroup after being invaded. However, troops can easily get cut off from the main force if you push your way into the mainland too quickly.

Ruler Stella, Viking Ginny, Berserker Adieu, and other knights are a rough lot, true to their pirate roots.

This means knights with recovery magic are few and far between. The main characteristic of this country is knights who specialize in going on the offensive.

Add monsters like Unicorns that can cast recovery spells to your platoons to make up for this.