Vaynard (Character)
English Name Vaynard
Japanese Name Veinādo (ヴェイナ-ド)
Voice Actor Mitsuaki Madono
Gender Male
Age (215) 21
Relationships Brangien (Relative)

Esmeree (Sister)
Zemeckis (Brother-in-law)
Guinglain (Friend)

Country Norgard
Original Castle Flogeru
Class Lord
Equipment -
Initial Status
Level 18
HP 637
MP 304
Rune Power 332
Rune Area 5
Strength 93
Intelligence 82
Agility 79
Attack 266
Defense 135
Experience 15317
Next Level 1678
"A young King who rules the country of Norgard. Known as the "White Wolf" for his bravery. As one of the best strategists on the continent, he is able to analyze any situation. His older sister is the wife of Zemeckis, the Emperor of Esgares."

Vaynard is the ruler of Norgard.


Formerly known as the best general of Norgard, an excellent swordsman and a brilliant strategist. Thus, earning him the nickname "White Wolf". He is a very cool and calm person, capable of thinking through things calmly and nicely. However, he is also a bit sarcastic and doesn't believe others' promises easily, as seen when he tried to ally Norgard with Leonia but rejected and didn't believe in Lyonesse's promise not to attack Norgard. He also said that if Leonia didn't ally with Norgard, he'd take over Leonia.

Vaynard is the commander of the Norgard army and King Doremiditt's best general in the war against Almekia. Supposedly he should be in the frontline command, but he didn't join the battle, saying that he wanted to avoid war against them and even gave some land to them already. Without Vaynard on the frontline, Norgard was in disarray, losing the battle and its king quickly.

After the war, Vaynard was chosen to be the new king at the age of 21. He then gathers the knights of Norgard. One of them is Guinglain, Vaynard's best friend and Norgard's "Silver Knight", who is known as a powerful frontline general and became Vaynard's advisor. He is the first man to learn about Vaynard's ambition to unify the continent under his rule and wishes to help him realize it. He was accepted by other knights in the kingdom, who became his trusted warriors. However, the late king's daughter, Princess Brangien, does not acknowledge Vaynard as her king. She blames him for her father's death and stopping her from claiming the throne of Norgard, which causes her to hate Vaynard even more.


Vaynard is an imposing-looking man with thick white hair and light blue eyes. He wears a fur-lined cape and silvery bracers and greaves, along with a matching breastplate over a long, dark blue tunic. He uses a halberd in battle.

Grand EditionEdit

In Grand Edition, Vaynard loses Fog and gains Resist.