Victoria (Character)
English Name Victoria
Japanese Name Vikutoria (ヴィクトリア)
Voice Actor Yōko Sasaki
Gender Female
Age (215) 27
Relationships -
Country Iscalio
Original Castle Xanas
Class Sorceress
Equipment Pixie Hat
Initial Status
Level 11
HP 353
MP 401
Rune Power 144
Rune Area 3
Strength 47
Intelligence 72
Agility 68
Attack 149
Defense 102
Experience 6105
Next Level 1001
"A beautiful witch infamous for her wicked character and strong perfume, self conscious to a point that she could stare at the mirror all day. She only likes authority when she has it, not when someone else does. However, with all this, people still like her."

Victoria is a Rune Knight from Iscalio.


When a country captures Iscalio's last castle, Victoria will join that country.


Victoria has a thin face, icy blue eyes, and long, straight orange hair that is partially covered by the purple witch's hat she wears.